Edmund Ernst Leopold Schlesinger Benzon

Ernst Benzon had Hillsborough Hall from 1860 to 1865. 

He was a German born industrialist who was associated with the Vickers Company in Sheffield, the Chamber of Commerce and he was a patron of the arts.

The Vickers Company was expanding in the 1840s with its introduction into the booming U.S. market. For this, the company enlisted the aid of Ernst Benzon; unlike the founding families, Benzon's background was in sales, and he would become responsible for bringing the company's steel and iron products to the United States and other foreign markets. Benzon would quickly become a partner in the company, which changed its name to Vickers Sons & Company in 1867.

As a patron of the arts the Benzons were associated with Wilkie Collins, Robert Browning, Felix Mendelssohn and George Eliot.

One of Wilkie Collins’ oldest friends was Nina Chambers who Wilkie met in the early 1850s.  In November 1852 she married Frederick Lehmann and Wilkie's friendship with the couple lasted the rest of his life. Frederick Lehmann's sister Elizabeth married Edmund Ernst Leopold Schlesinger Benzon.

In 1871 Ivan Turgenev, the Russian novelist who is in Scotland for the Scott Centenary, injures his leg grouse shooting while staying at Allean House in Perthshire.  The invitation to the shoot was from the Benzons.

The Benzon’s appear in correspondence from Wilkie Collins and Robert Browning.

The Sheffield Chamber of Commerce had its first ever Board Meeting on March 2 1857 which led to its formation. Attending the first gathering were some of the city’s most powerful men including the first ever President Edward Vickers, Fred Mappin, Thomas Jessop, W. Smith, Ernst Leopold Schlesinger Benzon and Mark Firth.

In 1862 the Benzons buy 10 Kensington Palace Gardens in London.

Ernst was born in 1819 and died on 14th September 1873 

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