Activities in 2008

December 2008
We are informed that we have been succesful with the Viridor grant - so will have £5530 to spend next year on shading, racking and seed trays.
October 2008

Lots of time was spent preparing a bid to Viridor Credits to get greenhouse shading for the Walled garden Greenhouses so that they can be better used in the summer, be a better environment for the volunteers who work there and ensure that less water is used on the plants.

September 2008

The Walled Garden Wildlife Open Day was held on 26th September and the Friends provided refreshments while groups that had helped create the new pond, bridge, information boards and planters & picnic table were formally thanked by an official "opening" by Angela Smith MP.  It started at 3pm and went on until 5pm - by which time most of the cakes had been eaten and people started to drift away


August 2008
HASA hosted the Hillsborough Gala and car-boot sale on 30th August and we took along some rather leggy basil plants grown at the end of the greenhouse season.  We shared a marquee with the Hillsborough Forum and when all the plants had gone we helped the Forum distribute their advertising gifts- tea-towels, pencils and wildflower seeds.

July 2008

The fitness circuit is formally opened on 5th July when it is the NHS Pulse Event organised by Green City Days.  Although the weather is poor for much of the day there is the chance to walk the fitness circuit - or running track, if you are feeling particularly athletic - in the morning.  The track has 100m "feet" posts to help those who are exercising guage the distance they are running or walking

May 2008

April 2008


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