Activities in 2009

November 2009

Normal monthly meeting for the FoHP in the New Barrack Tavern ( on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.30 pm) and the Walled Garden Group (on the first Friday of the month in the Pavilion).  There is some interest in the Coach House and various groups come to talk to us about their views about creating a cafe in the Park.

October 2009

The Coach House and Bottom Lodge in the Park are offered for commercial interest by the Council.  We meet with Radio Sheffield to look at the property, record an interview and discuss the attempts that have been made over recent years to try and get funds and plans together to create a cafe in the building.  We also ash Kier to produce some plans and costs for a proper kitchen in the Potting Shed and meet with them to discuss the plans.

September 2009

13th September is the last Open Day of the summer opening season in the Walled Garden and again the Friends do the refreshments.  There are not that many people who turn up on the day - which is a disappointment as dancing entertainment is provided by Boomshanka who perform several tribal/belly dances in the afternoon.  Click on their name or the picture opposite to get more details about what they do, where they can be contacted  and where they will be performing next

August 2009

Stripping pallets starts to become a bit of an obsession and is incredibly time consuming.  However, all that needs to be made for the bins now are the fronts - made 3 planks joined together - which can be gradually stacked up at the opening of each bin.  The finishing touch for any good compost bin is added last - squares of wool carpet which lets the water in, keeps the heat in and gradually rots away into the compost.

July 2009

So having got a fair amount of stripped and cut wood from the pallets we have 2 days making 4 compost bins in the unused concrete bays - on 4th and 31st July.  Many thanks to Rosie who did sterling work moving soil out of the bays in preparation for getting the framework in there.  The design works pretty well and after the second work day we go to the pub to celebrate our success.  In July we meet staff from Sheffield City Council to talk about bids for disability bikes and the renovation of the Potting Shed kitchen.

June 2009

We meet with Viridor for a post-implementation review of the greenhouse blinds and staging.  They are very happy with the work that has been done, agree that the grant has been well-spent and that it all seems to be well-used.  We also collect some pallets - free of charge - from Bennett & Fountain to make compost bins in the Garden.  Many thanks to them for the raw meterials - and hours of endless entertainment!

May 2009

The Plant Swap was on Sunday 17th May and once more the FoHP did the refreshments - not a particularly arduous task as the weather was awful from 1.00 until about 3.00 - i.e for all except the last hour.  It was bad enough for most people to stay at home all afternoon.  Many thanks to Johnny & The Prison Didn't Help Boys - who didn't charge us for not playing to a non-existent audience.  We owe you one! Hear them or check out where they are playing next on their website

April 2009

The Open Day in the Walled Garden was on 5th April from 1.30 to 4.00 pm.  There was a plant sale, refreshments, activities for children and music by Matt Hegarty around the fountain.  We spent lots of time making teas and coffees and cutting up cakes - enough for the 100+ people who came on the day.  It was a chance for everyone to see the new equipment on and in the greenhouses.  If you missed the music you can here it on MySpace - Tina McKevitt and Matt Hegarty

March 2009

The blinds come in a variety of 4 feet and 6 feet lengths for the sides and 2 feet lengths for the roof sections.  It takes a fair amount of time to work out how they attach to the framework - and even longer to clean out the gutters to get the side blinds attached.  It takes a complete day to get all 74 blinds installed - by which time it is too late to see how good they are.  Luckily, the next day the weather obliges, the sun shines and Steve has a chance to use them to protect this year's seedlings in the two greenhouses.


February 2009
The greenhouse order arrives in the Walled Garden - a mass of boxes containing racking, seed tray holders and a variety of sizes of external blinds.  We check off the items according to the details on the boxes and have a go at putting together some of the plant staging.  It fits (almost as though we had planned it) in the spaces between the old staging, the power points and the water points.  We decide to leave the installation of the blinds until the weather improves particularly as it involved attaching it to the top of the greenhouse roof frame.


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