Activities in 2010

July 2010
BT changed their free community website provider and gave notice that all of the content from the old websites needed to be moved to the new provider.  This meant learning how the new system worked, copying and pasting information and loading pictures to the new site.  A fair amount of work - but then again it is hosted and provided by BT for free!


June 2010
Donations from the  friends and family of Victor Terry gave us the opportunity to buy some new plants for one of the borders in "Squirrel Green".  Taking cuttings from the existing plants and growing plants from seed in the greenhouses gives some chance to refresh the planting in the garden but it is also nice to be able to buy established plants now and again.  It is also a lasting reminder to one of the original Friends of Hillsborough Park.

May 2010
SCC have enough money to do all of the work in the Potting Shed - to create the new kitchen, remove the old tool store and lay new flooring.  We help to remove the internal wood in the tool store, to help make something for new tool storage and persuade SCC to go that extra extra bit further and pay for new plastering on the walls above the kitchen units.  This had been removed some years ago to assess the state of the walls and roof in the building.  The kitchen work proper starts in April.
March 2010
In preparation for creating the new kitchen and renovating the interior of the potting shed we dismantle as much as possible of the tool store racking.  This wood should be re-usable in the furure for tool storage.  The tool store had been in the potting shed mess-room and the renovation work means that it will be removed.  We also use more of the plant sales money to buy two more slimline waterbutts with stands.  The greenhouses have 8 gutter ends where water can be collected.
February 2010
February brings in the start of planning for the growing season in the greenhouses - later than usual because of the cold weather - and it gives us the opportunity to buy some equipment for the greenhouses from the funds that we have been holding from previous year's plant sales - heated propagators and water butts.  This will reduce the amount of power and water that will be required to grow seeds and pot them on later in the year.
January 2010
After a break of nearly two years the Hillsborough Park Regeneration Steering Group starts to meet again.  Originally formed to be consulted about development plans for the park, the Group had stopped meeting after the failure to get Lottery funding to develop the Coach House.  The FoHP act as secretary to the group which will focus on information sharing between the interested members - councillors, SCC P&C Rangers, HASA, Bowls Club, Libraries, FoHP and Community Assembly.

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