Activities in 2011

November 2011
The event in the Walled Garden on 11th November is a great success - Art in the Park do latern making, bulb potting and stort-telling, the Burton Street Foundation do the catering - including free soup - and the FoHP help with bulb planting on the Middlewood Road grass banking.  There are around 150 people attending and it finishes with a lantern procession in the park at 3.30pm.

July 2011
The recent changes in management within SCC Parks & Countryside means that there is a new manager for the North/Central area of Sheffield - which includes Hillsborough Park.  We have a look around the park with Andy Phillips and discuss some possible projects that the Friends could help with - including planting (wildflowers, new beds and more bulbs) tidying the bottom lodge, applying for grants for more trees to replace recently damaged ones, etc
June 2011
The car-boot season has started at HASA and we arrange to help with litter picking every fortnight - mainly done by Julie and "the lads".  The hedges around the HASA perimeter look massively better after a few weeks - and all of this volunteer litter-picking is traded for a bacon buttie and cup of tea each at the end of the 2-hour fortnightly sessions.  It starts to get so tidy that we even venture up the access road into HASA
February 2011
The Walled Garden has had new fencing around much of the perimeter.  The Middlewood Road side now looks a little bare between the new, higher security fencing and the shorter, traditional park fence.  A work-day was organised to clear out most of the old plants, dig in some of the compost from the walled garden compost bins and then plant some new mixed hedging.  In a couple of years it will not obstruct the views in and out of the garden - but it will soften the look of the fencing
January 2011
Over the last year or two many of the lights in the park have been vandalised.  In January the FoHP bid to the Community Assembly for £1250 to repair one set of lights.  As it turns out, SCC Parks & Countryside find sufficient money in the maintenance budget to repair all of the smashed lights, replace two of the missing columns and take out all of the smaller columns from the main avenue and along the playground path.  The smaller columns are then replaced with fewer, taller lights - which should make them better protected against vandalism.

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