Activities in 2012

December 2012
The fifth monthly work day is a bit of a subdued affair - well what can you expect in the middle of winter?  Although it is icy, the sun is out and it gives us the chance to clean some of the roof panels on the greenhouse.

The blinds also need cleaning after several months of accumulating mould and rolling them all back to the top of the roof or the side gutters gives the springs in the rollers a chance to recover.  It also ensures that the maximum amount of light and heat get in during the winter.
November 2012
The fourth monthly work day takes advantage of the natural resources - and creates a leaf bin in the "Woodland Walk" which is really just the narrow strip between the walls of the Walled Garden and Middlewwod Road.

We also have a meeting with Autism Plus who are interested in the history of the Coach House - particularly the previous attempts to develop it and create a space that could be used for refreshments.  Watch this space!
October 2012
The Chestnut Fund confirm that we have been succesful with our bid for tools - digging spades and forks, hand trowels and forks, compost riddles and working gloves.

The third monthly work day concentrates on cutting some of the grass on the snake earthwork in the play area - more material for the compost bays.  At the rate we were cutting the grass with hand and edging shears we would be at it for ever - maybe we will just have to concentrate on the top and leave the sides to grow?
September 2012
The monthly practical work days started in August and we cut down and composted a lot of the mint that had become rampant in the herb bed.  We than dug out the roots and will keep digging over the soil in the hope that most of the mint will be persuaded not to swamp the other herbs.

Grass from the lawn on Squirrel Green was also used in the compost bays as an activator to get enough heat in the compost to kill off any mint roots that may heave found their way into the bays.
August 2012
We get our own public liability and personal accident insurance through TCV.  This allows volunteers to work in the park without supervision from SCC Rangers and lets us run our own events if we choose to do so.

The first Activity Morning is on 15th August - weather permitting.  Others to follow - see Volunteering. The Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning activities in the greenhouses are also continuing.  Membership of TCV gives us access to their resources and support.
July 2012
Prior to getting the public liability insurance we have a couple of days in July looking for projects around the park and Walled Garden.  These will form the basis of the activities that Sheffield City Council will agree for us to do - and will be deemed suitably low risk to be covered by the insurance.

We do some tidying up around the Walled Garden and also fix some of the broken woodwork on the arbour in the corner of the garden. The cat on the bench appreciates the repairs - but would prefer to have a roof that keeps
the rain out.
June 2012
Support Dogs hold their third annual Gala in the park - and it manages to rain for only part of the day! 
 FoHP offer to sponsor 2nd place prizes for the best rescue dog, best child handler and "the dog the judges would most like to take home". 

We distribute leaflets to dog walkers in the park during the week before the Gala - which is held on 1st July. 
 Thanks also to Pets & Gardens in Hillsborough who are our co-sponsors for the prizes.  The entrants for the best rescue dog line-up in the photo opposite.
May 2012
Not quite sure why - or how it works - but it is suggested that we may want to try having a twitter account to publicise activities and events in the park. 

Is there anyone out there?  Well, there must be at least 45 people.
February 2012
Following the discussions in January with Sheffield City Council about cost reductions and new income generation for 2012/13 we scrutinise the charitable accounts.  The Park and Library are part of a charitable trust with SCC funding the costs of running both of them. 

It is possible to work out how much is spent solely on the Park - between £180k and £260k per year.  FoHP will use this info to lobby and ensure that Hillsborough Park fares no worse than other Sheffield parks. 

Click on the picture to see the charitable accounts
January 2012
Along with other Friends Groups, we are asked to attend a meeting at the Town Hall with Paul Billington (SCC Director of Culture & Environment) and Councillor Leigh Bramall.  There are planned spending reductions of between 10% and 15% for the next 5 years. 

Hillsborough Park will no longer have a dedicated Ranger, one of three bowling greens will not be maintained and parking charges will be introduced for the car-parks.  The maintenance staff will be combined with the part of Streetforce that does public realm works - resulting in less maintenance time in the parks.

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