Activities in 2014

November 2014
Having been given a VHS copy of the 1991 video of the redevelopment of the Walled Garden we spend some months finding the ways and means of converting it to an MP4 file and then getting it onto You Tube.

Finally in November we manage to get a link to it onto the website and email all of our contacts to let them know that it is available for viewing. 

October 2014
Continuing with the search for more volunteers we contact the Star and ask them to run an article in the paper and on the website.  It goes in on 3rd October and we get a couple of responses - any help will always be gratefully received.

We are quite clear now that although there are plenty of opportunities for people who want to do anything in the Walled Garden or the Park the priority will be basic gardening jobs in the Walled Garden.  

This will help maintain the garden now that less time is available to the Council Parks maintenance staff.  On the plus side - it is good exercise, you only need to do as much as you want to and it's a great place to help out.

September 2014
We decide that we could do with more volunteers now that we have replanted the grasses bed and the herb bed - and have plans to try and maintain other areas in the Walled Garden.

By the time we get them printed the weather seems to have turned and the extended and weekend opening hours in the Walled Garden are coming to an end for the summer season.

We decide it is unlikely that we will tempt people out on cool weekdays so, apart from putting some leaflets in the Library and in the park noticeboards, we will hang on to them and distribute them in the Spring.

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August 2014
The herbs are starting to bulk up after 3 months in the new bed - and there has not been too much in the way of mint coming back up - much to most people's surprise.

The bigger problem is the block-paving that forms the path to one side of the bed. Grass grows out of the cracks - as do chives that seem to be thriving now the mint has been culled.  It makes for a strong smell of onions when scraping out the grass and chives from between the blocks.

The final group of herbs that were in the plan are sourced from Jekka's Herb Farm in Bristol - we hope they like their new home up north (at least they are in a walled garden). 

July 2014
We meet with Business in the Community to see if we can offer a volunteering project that will be suitable for up to 20 volunteers from local business for 2 days.  

We propose a plan to take out all of the old planting in front of the Walled Garden by the Library entrance and cut back some of the larger shrubs that we plan to keep.

Unfortunately they decide to volunteer on an allotment project instead.  We decide to draw up a new planting plan anyway, so that if we manage to get enough people to help out next year, then we can work on the area anyway.

May 2014
With the herb area having been dug over at least three times it is time to plant the herbs that we bought last month.  

Once again we are using a plan devised by Eva, although some of the plants could not be sourced in Sheffield so we will add them as and when they become available elsewhere.

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to see details of the planting plan. 

March 2014
At last the time comes to lay the weed suppressing matting, spread the gravel and plant the grasses which the Council have sourced for us.

The idea is to have an area that will look significantly better than the old "plant sales" area - but will also be low maintenance.

It may be lower maintenance in the future but shifting several barrow-loads of compost and bark-chippings to level the area, lay the matting and then barrow a couple of tons of gravel is pretty hard going for four of us.

February 2014
Using the compost from the wooden bays onto the triangle bed gives us a chance to move stuff from the concrete bays.  Some of it goes into the wooden compost bays but a lot at the bottom goes directly onto the triangle bed. 

Just another concrete bay to go then......
January 2014
While we wait for the weather to get better so that we can carry on with the triangle bed we start to clear the herb beds next to it.  These are overgrown with old herbs and have become swamped with mint. 

The plan is to take out some cuttings for future use if possible then dig the whole area over and leave it until later in the year to see how much of the existing herbs - especially the mint - we have managed to get out. 

It will also give us a couple of months to come up with a planting plan and think how we can use the £150 we have received to restock the area.

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