Activities in 2015

December 2015
Still mild and still jobs to do.  Russ replaces the old arch between the plant sales beds and, as well as being available as a support for sweet-peas next year, it becomes the display point for the bird boxes that were painted at our September Open Day.

The monthly meeting is reorganised as a Xmas meal and we have to send in an interim update by way of a NOEHS Report.  It reminds us of the difference we have made in the areas we are replanting.  See the report for the details. 

November 2015
The mild weather means that we get another 4 Tuesday morning work sessions in that in previous years may have not happened.  There is still lots to do in the memorial beds area and the with the weeds dying back it is also a good time to weed the paving in front of it.

We had planned to have completed all of the new planting by now but we realise just how optimistic we had been - particularly when you are trying to do all of the work in predominantly one morning per week.

Having taken out a lot of the old planting the cordyline, climbing hydrangea and the bug-friendly boxes are a lot more visible.

October 2015
Having bought some of the plants with the NOEHS-Harrogate Flower Show grant we get finally around to planting the box plants which will complete the ring around the fountain where some of the original plants have failed.

It is still to soon to plant in the memorial beds as there is plenty of digging to do in order to get rid of the weeds.  In one corner we have the dreaded bind weed which will mean we won't be able to plant anything for some time in that area.

The warm weather does mean that we may have several more weeks in order to prepare beds and plant wherever we can.

September 2015
More thanks to Haybrook in Hillsborough who produced and delivered leaflets for us to advertise the Activity Day on Sunday 13th September.

Also thanks to those volunteers who came along on the day and helped us to work in the garden, create bug boxes in the heating cavities int the garden walls and assemble and paint bird boxes.

We were very lucky with the weather and the cakes that had been made by our members made it a very pleasurable day.

August 2015
Many thanks to Jack, our latest volunteer, who offered to replace some of the crumbling brickwork on the raised beds.  Sadly we will never have the time or the resources to replace all of the flaking bricks but all of the worst corners are now done.

Also many thanks to those people who responded to our advert on Sheffield Freegle for bricks.  Who would have thought there could be so many sizes of bricks?  It is also "sod's law" that the ones we needed were the least common.

July 2015 
We hear that our grant bid to the North of England Horticultural Society has been successful.  The grants coincide with the Harrogate Flower Show which NoEHS organise.

Our bid was to replace some of the planting in the memorial beds closest to the Stable Block.  This part of the garden near the rose beds (which contain a "Liverpool Remembers" rose) had been designated as a memorial area to the Liverpool fans who died at Hillsborough.

Over the next couple of months we will replant the rather "tired" borders with predominantly red and yellow flowering plants.  We also plan to use some of the grant to replace box plants around the fountain and to buy labels to mark our most recent plant purchases in the newest beds.

June 2015 
To publicise activities and try to get more volunteers we decide to make more use of the social media that we had set up earlier in the year.

We link Twitter and Facebook and then get both of them to appear on the News section of the website.

Finally we set up a Google Calendar for all activities related to the park and get it to appear on our Facebook page and on the website.

May 2015 
Having dug over one of the raised beds that was sowed last year with a wild flower mix in April - and hoed it a couple of times - we replanted it in May.  

Gradually we are moving away from the south west corner of the garden and are trying to refresh some of the sorrier beds with new planting schemes using a few plants that we have bought, some propagated from seeds, some given as donations and some transplanted from elsewhere in the garden.

The plus side is that the beds are looking better kept - the down side is there is more and more weeding to do.  Planting where there was originally mint and wildflowers is always going to be a struggle.

April 2015 
Having been given a bird house/table we used a couple of coats of wood preservative to give it a new lease of life and then installed it in the Walled Garden.

It will probably feed more squirrels than birds and visitors to the garden may not see the birds feed on it at all - as they seem to come out mainly when the gates are closed and the garden is exclusively theirs.

But if it adds some interest to the garden and helps the sparrows, blackbirds, robins, wrens, goldfinches and blue tits that can be seen around - so much the better.

March 2015
Each year we varnish some of the Walled Garden benches - a task similar to painting the Forth Bridge.

Unfortunately they do not last for ever and so most years there are at least a couple that need to be removed.  So far this year two have been taken out.

In most cases we do not have contact details for the families that originally provided the benches - so we remove the commemorative plaques and put them on the wooden rails next to the rose beds.

For details of the most recent benches that have been removed see Tributes.

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