Recent Activities

December 2016
There is enough decent weather to make some wood-chip paths through the woodland walk which keeps the vegetation down a bit and will allow us to get beneath the site for the bat boxes.

Otherwise it is a fairly quiet month.  We order 750 plug plants for Spring 2017 and have a discussion with the council about the arrangements for the tennis courts - the current operator will start to charge for them next year.

Oh yes, and our normal monthly meeting becomes a social night in the Pavilion with everyone bring food and drinks to share.  Very festive.

November 2016
It was another fine month for the Tuesday work mornings. Leaf gathering, bed clearing and ivy chopping were all tasks for the month.

Half of the fruit trees are now visible after ivy on the walls was chopped back - but there is still much to do in the second fruit-tree bed.

Cleared beds have now been planted with bulbs for Spring - and we are just hoping the squirrels aren't snacking on them now.
October 2016
October means the end of the summer weekend opening - and our Autumn Open day.  Once again the weather is good and we have lots of activities for kids, refreshments, bric-a-brac and plant sales.  It's a busy morning - but good fun as always.

On the morning of the event the Yorkshire Rose elephant gets taken away to Meadowhall - not quite what we had been told but luckily it didn't get in the way of our setting up for the event.

At the end of the month we attend the Bat Wallk event that Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust put on in the pavilion and detect a lot of bats flying around the lake.

We laso have a fair bit of produce from the potager bed - which people are encouraged to take if they have a use for the vegetables.
March 2016
At last, we are ready to do some planting in the memorial beds.  The paln is to have predominantly red and yellow planting and although it doesn't look like much when it goes in - give it a few months and see what it looks like.

We have ordered two more Liverpool Remembers roses.  There is already one in the rose beds somewhere but because it is not marked we are not sure which one it is.

We are also getting ready for our Open day in April which marks the start of the Summer opening hours in the walled garden.

February 2016
There is always something to do even if the weather isn't conducive to gardening.   A lot of benches are over 15 years and whilst the seats, arms and legs all tend to last fairly well, the backs are the worst for rotting as they have the most joints.

We have a go at creating a whole new back for the Park Hotel Supporters bench - which works pretty well and only sets us back £10 for wood for the slats and frame.

Then again- we have now created more wood to varnish.........

January 2016
We have a look at the Wildlife Area in January - specifically what we can do to improve the pond.  It has a slow leak in the pond liner - thanks to someone throwing something into it some years ago, so we will need to replace the liner at some point.

However there are too many trees around the pond so we ask Nick from SCC Parks and Countryside to chop out some of the diseased trees, prune some of the overhanging branches and take out some smaller saplings that are vying with some of the better trees.

Some of the felled logs go to make bug-friendly wood piles and the smaller branches go to the pile for shredding into wood chippings.

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