Recent Activities
April 2017
We spend a fair amount of time getting ready for the Open Day on 9th April.  It turns out to be another chance to get the gazebo out - just in case it turns out to be rainy - or too sunny.

Once again we have great weather for it and thanks to all of the people who come out to support us it is another successful event - adding significant funds to help us maintain the Garden.

Other than that we collect about 4000 plant pots for 99p.  The bad news is that it is from Boston.  Makes for a day out though.
March 2017
The weather is good again so our Tuesday morning Activity sessions in the Walled Garden are busy again.  We have the help of Nick from the Parks & Countryside team to remake the willow igloo and chop down some of the tree canopy around the wildlife pond.

Meanwhile we do some work taking out cranesbill geraniums from the perennial beds, paint the paddle boat in preparation for having it as a planter and make some room in the greenhouses for the 680 geraniums plant plants that we will be growing on to sell.

We are also contacted by Radio Sheffield who will be doing a part of "Clueless" in the Walled garden during our Open Day.

February 2017
We contact local councillors and the Park manager and SCC ecologist about improvements that we could consider for the main lake and the wildlife pond.  We also talk to the Environment Agency to see if they could do another fish stock take to give us an idea about how the fish are doing in the main lake.

When we ask for comments on Facebook we reach 87000 people, get 600 (largely supportive) comments and 1600 likes.  It's good to see that so many people are interested in making the park better.

Preparations are starting for our Fairies and Elves themed Open Day - including ordering a batch of fairy doors.  Well, it's different.
January 2017
With decent weather we are able to continue working in the Walled Garden on most Tuesday mornings.  We had asked for some stumps from the felled tree just outside the garden to be saved so that we could make a circle of stumps - our Woodhenge.

We also had our bat boxes put up in the woodland walk (next to Middlewood Road). If we have another bat walk later in the year then it will be interesting to see if there is any activity around them.  Once they are put up we can't do anything with them - you have to be licenced to check bat habitats.  We just hope someone tells that to the squirrels and the wasps.

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