The Projects that we are currently working on are shown below - if you are interested in helping on any of them please get in touch by e-mail for further details at

Bike Track

Click on the picture opposite to see the results of the public consultation from November 2019

Brickwork Repairs

Click on the picture on the left to see a description of the work that needs to be done on all of the brick raised beds plus the costs of doing the work.

In 2016 we had started to make ome small repairs to the worst of the damage.  In 2018 the council funded the renovation of a complete bed using a local building contractor.

We are now looking for support to help renovate all of the beds - and the fountain brickwork and hope to start on a rolling programme of repairs in 2019.
Wildlife Pond Plans

Click on the image on the right to see the details of the plan for the Wildlife area and pond.

The intention, now that the liner has been replaced, is to create a border and knee-high fence around the pond, rebuild the paths, add a picnic table and rubbish bin and renew the perimeter fence and gates.  Finally we will put in new pond planting.

Costed Plans

Walled Garden Plans

Click on the image on the right to see a final version of the plan for the triangular grasses bed which is in front of the greenhouses.  Designed by Eva then prepared and planted by FoHP.  Thanks to SCC for the weed suppressing matting, the gravel, the paving slabs and - of course - the grasses. 


We have discussed various proposals to improve the sometimes bland entrances to the park - including creating a new bed at the Middlewood Road entrance, having wildflowers along the wall down to Penistone Road, improving the planting in the beds near the Penistones Road entrance and reviewing the planting in the old ha-ha wall in front of the Library.

This is likely to happen in November 2011 to March 2012.

If you have plants you can donate please contact us on

Bottom Lodge

The Bottom Lodge near the Penistone Road entrance has been offered for lease for some time now-but no interest has yet been shown in using it.  We plan to paint over the breeze blocks to create "windows", give a coat of paint to the door, pillars and nearby gate posts to make the building look better.

We also hope to improve the planting around the entrance and tidy up the debris behind the Lodge. 

This is an event that we plan to run in conjunction with Art-in-the-Park in earl 2012. 


We have been working for some time with the Sheffield City Council development Rangers to try and get funding and ideas to improve the existing playground with new or repalcement equipment.  There are lots of ideas - from kids, parents and interested groups - particularly for inclusive play equipment that kids with disabilities may use.  There also seems to be a view that the playground should have areas for older and younger children.  Some of the changes so far are shown below...... but keep watching this space!  

Adventurous Play

Sheffield had funds available from PlayBuilder which is part of
Play England which is itself funded by the Big Lottery and also supports the PlayDay that has been held in the Park for the past 2 years.  £50k of the funds that were available in Sheffield is earmarked for Hillsborough Park.  It must be spent on adventurous play equipment.

The work started in 2010 and t
he equipment was supplied by Timberplay


Inclusive Play

Sheffield City Council will also be making money available for inclusive play improvements to the existing playground equipment.  The plans are to include an accessible climbing frame, a basket swing and an accessible roundabout. 

The Maintenance staff will also be painting the existing equipment - as well as checking it daily to make sure that it is safe to use each day.

Wheels for All-Bike Project

We agree to be one organisation that bids for a range of disability bikes to be used in Hillsborough Park.

Currently, there is a range of bikes in Hillsborough Park that can be borrowed by approved organisations/supervisors which cater for a number of different abilities and capabilities.


We made compost bins for the Walled garden from old pallets that would otherwise have been scrapped.

Four bins have now been assembled in the Walled Garden - next to the greenhouses - and are currently being used by the volunteers and groups who are working in the Garden and greenhouses.  The compost is used to pot-on plants and saves the need to buy in as much compost as had been used in previous years.


Look for funds to add additional lighting from the entrances of the park to the two circuits that are on the walking/running paths.

A grant from the Community Assembly has ensured that 4 new lights have been positioned from the Middlewood Road entrance next to the Top Lodge to the Pavilion entrance.

In 2011 Parks & Countryside found the money to replace all of the vandalised lights in the current circuits after 2 years of the Friends raising the issue at every opportunity.  Well done SCC P&C.


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