Remembrance of Friends to the Park  

Peter Wood

(20th September 1936 - 1st September 2006)

As a trustee of the Hillsborough Community Development Trust, Peter was one of the driving forces behind the development of the Walled Garden as a community garden.

The stone fountain in the centre of the garden was donated by Peter's wife Leonie, and is dedicated to Peter and all those who made the garden possible.


Victor Terry

(7th August 1935 - 8th May 2010)

Vic was one of the original Friends of Hillsborough Park. He was a daily visitor to the park and a keen observer of the wildlife. Until recently he was an active participant in the Friends' activities.

Kind donations in Victor's memory from his friends and family have been used to stock one of the large herbaceous borders in the Walled Garden. The perennial planting will continue to give pleasure to visitors to the garden for many years to come.

Bob Taylor

(1937 - 2001)

After 14 years the commemorative bench became unusable and has had to be removed.  The plaque was moved to the wooden rail by the rose garden. 

Beryl Nash

(1937 - 2001)

Again after 14 years the bench became unusable and the plaque has been moved to the wooden rail by the rose garden.

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