Volunteer Activities


There are many opportunities to volunteer in the Park.  This is particularly encouraged now that local government budgets are put under pressure and existing park maintenance staff take on additional responsibilities.

Regular volunteer mornings in the Walled Garden greenhouses have been in place for several years - on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.  Normal activities include general gardening, weeding, simple repairs, varnishing, propagating in the greenhouses, watering and selling plants.

Activity Mornings are on Tuesday mornings - 10a.m. to 12.30p.m. - meet at the Walled Garden greenhouse.

We are normally working in the Walled Garden but on occasion may work elsewhere in the park doing some of the practical activities agreed with Sheffield City Council - Agreed Volunteer Activities.

We have a Monthly Meeting at the Gardeners Rest - please come along to that too - it's at 7.30pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and is specifically designed for those people who would prefer to talk and drink - rather than dig and weed.

For more details about what we do see the Volunteering Leaflet.

The Organisational Arrangements are very simple.  Most volunteering will be organised but not directly supervised - if there is something that you think needs doing in the park then please let us know.  We have public liability insurance to cover those activities approved by SCC and covered by our Risk Assessment.  

Volunteers just need to sign up to the Volunteer Agreement.

See the current Public Liability Insurance Certificate 2017

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